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Scariest Monsters in America (2022)

Scariest Monsters in America (2022)

4.5 HD 2022

Scariest Monsters in America (2022) Plot:

In each U.S. state, stories of monsters living amongst us have been used to scare children and warn sinners away from misbehavior. But which of these bogeymen brings the biggest fright? In the two-hour Tubi special SCARIEST MONSTERS IN AMERICA, we’re counting down the top ten creatures in the country. From a horrifying home invader to a cunning cannibal, we’ll uncover evidence of each larger-than-life beast to determine, once and for all, which monster is the most deserving of state bragging rights.
Country: USA
Release: 2022-05-04
Director: n/A
Cast: Camille Acosta,Ashlynn Kamps,Chad Lewis,Eli Watson,Alyssa Phenix,Lamont Pearley Sr.,Sara Burdorff,John DeSouza,David Weatherly,Zelia Edgar,Alex Steed,Kenneth Hayes,Rodarte,Jen Kruse,Matt Seeber,Nathaniel Theriaque,Kassandra Ruiz-Wise,Abhisheh Patel,Kim Lewis,Richard Lewis,Jake Hart